Frictional Teases New Horror Game With Fan ARG Experience

An alternate reality game is sending horror fans down a rabbit hole of hieroglyphics and hell screams for the next Frictional title to follow SOMA!

It looks like Frictional has a new horror game up its sleeve, with an official announcement to arrive soon.

For now, the Amnesia developer is keeping fans busy with an alternate reality game tasking them with uncovering URLs and deciphering cryptic symbols and phrases.

Frictional previously took a similar approach when revealing the mind-bending SOMA, with the end of the ARG seeing a full trailer launch. So far fans working through the ARG via a website simply titled "Next Frictional Game" have uncovered two video clips, both of which can be seen below. 

The first is a very brief, nine-second video titled Box 52, Tape 16 bearing the description:

Video Cassette 16/2/83, copy from a private collection. Marked Shetpe, KSSR.

The second is titled Box 7 Reel 2, Partial Success and features 23 seconds of blackness, but with some horrifying Art Bell "hell noise" type screams going on in the background, and this short description:

Artefact 1/7/115, marked 'Triple Crown'

What do you think is coming next from Frictional? Is it something related to SOMA or Amnesia? Is it something completely new? And have you made sense of the clues yet?

Let us know your guesses in the comments below, and join in the next Frictional title ARG yourself over here!

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Published Jan. 24th 2020

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