Poi Kickstarter failed; no sign of a relaunch

Sadly, Poi has failed to reach it's goal on Kickstarter.

Poi, the Nintendo-inspired 3D adventure game platformer, has failed to reach its Kickstarter goal of $80,000, only raising $27,236. 

So far, the developers of the game, PolyKid, hasn't said anything about the project's failure on Twitter or on their official website.

PolyKid tried their hardest to raise as much as they could in the projects last few days of funding, the even had an AMA for the game on Reddit. One backer asked if the game would get a relaunch on Kickstarter if the game failed to reach its goal.

PolyKid has this to say:

 "A Kickstarter re-launch is unlikely at this point because we don't think we'd be more successful the second time around unless we spent more time improving the game overall. Since we've been working out of our own pockets since the beginning, we don't really have the funds to buy us that time (and is why we were on Kickstarter in the first place). With that being said, we are looking at creative ways to release some version of the game on PC!"

Hopefully, the game will game it's way to Steam on PC and it seems that a Wii U release is unlikely, which is unfortunate since the game is heavily inspired by Nintendo's N64 era.

Maybe if the game gets enough money from Steam purchases, PolyKid can improve the game and maybe even relaunch it on Kickstarter.


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Published Sep. 3rd 2015

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