The Game Boy Lives On: Top-Down Horror Title Deadeus Launches in 2021

You can play this 2021 Game Boy game through an emulator, but it's also getting a physical cartridge release.

It's not uncommon to see retro-inspired titles these days. Thanks to the rise in digital distribution, it's given developers a much wider platform to showcase these types of passion projects.

Recreating the aesthetic of a generation long-past, the Game Boy has often been a focus of these new but retro endeavors. Even in 2021, Nintendo's aging handheld is getting new titles, and next in line is horror experience Deadeus.

Developed by -IZMA- and published by Spacebot Interactive, Deadeus focuses on a boy who experiences a prophetic nightmare, informing him everyone will die in just three days. Venturing out into his village, he must find a means to save them while encountering11 different endings.

You can play the ROM for free over on Itch.Io, choosing how much you'd like to donate to the developer, and a physical edition is also in the works. Better yet, this will be fully compatible with your original Game Boy, alongside Color and Advance models.

You can pre-order it now for $57.44/£42, with the package offering a cartridge, box, and manual. Physical editions pre-orders will close on February 15, with shipping planned for March.


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Published Jan. 29th 2021

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