Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Unlock the Palamute Silkbinder

Find out how to get your Palamute Silkbinder in this guide to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

As your progress through Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak's campaign, NPCs around Elgado, and occasionally Kamura, will ask you to help them through requests. You’ll receive weapons, armor, and new Dango types by completing the requests, depending on the character. One such request reward is the Palamute Silkbinder tool for your Palamute

Where to Find the Palamute Silkbinder in Sunbreak

During MR2 progression, you’ll get a request from Gatlyn the Researcher, who will give you a sidequest called Palamute Gear Power Up. Your task is to collect two Steel Gajaur Whiskers, then return to her.

Where to Find and Farm Gajau Whiskers

Steel Gajau Whiskers come from, well, Gajau fish in Master Rank locations, specifically the:

  • Shrine Ruins.
  • Frost Islands.
  • Flooded Forest.
  • Lava Caverns.

Sadly, there aren’t many Gajaur in any of these locations, as many of the new and returning Small Monsters have taken up their spawn slots.

The best location we could find in our testing was the Frost Islands, specifically Zone 5 and Zone 8. There are four total Gajau between the two locations, and they take five or so minutes to respawn. Unless your weapon deals very little damage, clearing the four Gajau will leave you with plenty of time to wait.

Your best bet for farming Steel Gajau Whiskers, then, is to load into a Frost Islands hunt and periodically return to those areas for a chance at Steel Whiskers. The only other caveat is the Whiskers are a rare drop from carving Gajau, with only a 20% chance of being rewarded per carve. Worse, you can only carve Gajau once.

If your goal is to farm as many materials as possible for the least amount of effort, bring along a Gathering Palico, as they provide additional rewards at the end of the quest, and there’s a good chance they’ll get the Steel Gajau Whiskers for you.

That’s all there is to completing the Palamute Gear Power Up request and unlocking the Silkbinder. If you’re looking for other materials, check out our guides on Awegite, Monster Slogbone, and Twisted Stiffbone. We’ll have plenty more Sunbreak coverage in the coming days and weeks, so head over to our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub for all of it. 


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Published Jul. 14th 2022

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