Arma 3: Apex release date announced at the E3 PC Gaming Show 2016

Arma 3: Apex has been dated -- with VTOLs big enough to transport other vehicles and a 100 square km map, it's a pretty large update.

During the PC Gaming Show at E3 2016, Bohemia Interactive's creative director, Jay Crowe, tactically made his way onto the stage to talk about the Arma 3: Apex update. Apex is releasing on July 11th, but anyone who pre-ordered can jump into the dev branch and try it out now.

Apex features 13 new weapons, like the fan favourite AK47, and fan hated RPG7, along with a M4A1 like rifle depicted in the trailer. Ten new vehicles, like a series first AWD jeep, multiple armoured transports, a RHIB making it's way back to the Arma series, and VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) craft capable of transporting another vehicles are being included. In addition to this, is a new 100 square km map set in a southern Pacific archipelago, called Tanoa. Lastly, the Apex update gives Arma players a 4-player co-op campaign set on Tanoa, with a story revolving around a new French speaking rebel faction, Syndikat, causing chaos on the island.

The Apex expansion brings ideas from the modding community, and ideas from the developers themselves together into one cohesive package.

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Published Jun. 13th 2016

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