Dragon's Crown - Amazon Gameplay Trailer (and Attempted Translation)

The Amazon's gameplay trailer has just been released. Check it out.

In the latest gameplay trailer for Dragon's Crown, you get to see the Amazon at work. She shows off her moves with the axe, tearing her enemies to shreds. Below is her video. Warning: If you were offended by the Sorceress, you will most likely be offended by the Amazon. Watch at your own risk.

Now, here comes the fun part: I am going to attempt a translation of the trailer. I am not fluent and my Japanese is a bit rusty, but here we go:


A beautiful but ferocious female warrior that stands at near gigantic proportions and can easily wield an axe. For her, armor is not necessary. She has won the divine protection of the god of battle. Her power changes when her blood boils: she exchanges blows at lightning fast speed, allowing her to crush her enemies without giving them time to defend. If you choose the Amazon, you will clear the dungeon!

While that isn't the prettiest arrangement of words ever, it does give you the feel for how the Amazon will play in Dragon's Crown. I changed a few words around for the sake of making them easier to understand in English. It should be mostly correct.

How do you feel about the Amazon? Are you excited for Dragon's Crown or does it disgust you? Do you speak better Japanese than me and can point out the mistakes I probably made? Let us know in the comment section. But, for the love of the god of battle, please be civil.

Published May. 10th 2013

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