Project X Zone: Namco Bandai lets an English trailer loose

Namco Bandai X Capcom X Sega X English Trailer X OMG SO EXCITED!

I thought it would never happen but the Japanese hyper-crossover Strategy RPG game was announced for localization not too long ago for the US, EU, and AUS. But to make sure the thousands of excited fans didn't forget, Namco Bandai Games posted the Global Gamers Day trailer alongside the news that the Limited Editions will launch at a standard $39.99 price.

Just for clarification the 3DS game, Project X Zone, is a Strategy RPG that combines characters from several franchises within Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai's vast libraries. Imagine Ulala battling enemies with KOS-MOS and Dante at her side and you've got the basic idea.*

The game is set to arrive June 25th for North Americans (July 5th for Europeans) and those salivating for the Limited Edition will get a miniature art book, a poster, and a CD with various tracks from the game.

Crazed fan fever dreams may not actually reflect actual gameplay possibilities

 Thanks to Destructoid & Namco Bandai Games (YouTube)


"How was the funeral?"

Published Apr. 11th 2013

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