Fallout 4's Codsworth Has An Entire List Of Dirty Names He Can Say

You haven't really experienced the Commonwealth until you've played the entire game being called "Assface".

One thing Bethesda games have to their credit is the level of immersion available to the player. Whether it's "Survival Mode" in Fallout 4 or New Vegas, where players must regulate their water, food, and radiation intake in order to prevent the negative effects of hunger, thirst, and radiation poisoning, or whether it's the bustling modding community, which creates things as necessary as unofficial patches or as unnecessary as modern weapons, Macho Man dragons in Skyrim or virtual nudity. All these elements help players become totally engrossed in their game.

With each player comes a set of personal preferences and The Dark Knight taught us that some men "just want to watch the world burn." So Bethesda programmed in a few choice names into Fallout 4 for your loyal Mr. Handy butler Codsworth to say, should you prefer to stalk the Wasteland as the dreaded "Fuckface", scourge of innocent settlers everywhere. This video contains a few of the best ones which are sure to make you chuckle.


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Published Jun. 1st 2016

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