The 5 Best New Maps That Should Be Added to PUBG

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Skyscraper Map

If a couple of previous maps gave you claustrophobia, then what will you say about the fear of heights? The skyscraper map would definitely be an unusual choice, with many different floors offering harsher environments the higher you go.

The circle would narrow down on the upper floors, so all players would be forced to go there and face ever more dangerous challenges. The ascension would be possible through a series of elevators or by outside means, such as ropes or even helicopters.

The danger of falling down would be a constant concern, but Battle Royale has always been about finding the best means of survival, and that's why this would be such a neat map for PUBG players to explore.


If you find any of these concept maps interesting, then leave your feedback in the comments below. Otherwise, let us know what ideas of your own you would like to see appear in PUBG.

Published Feb. 2nd 2018

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