Game Deals: Final Fantasy XIV, Star Wars Battlefront, Minecraft and More!

Five discount games you can own today!

Here's your chance to scoop up some older titles you want to add to your collection. Save 30 - 50% off with today's video game deals. 

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

The Final Fantasy franchise is self-explanatory. Save 50% when you order this title on Amazon. You can also save 50% off the online version for PS4. 

Dark Souls III

A can of whoop-ass for your console. Buy this game at 40% off for Xbox One and let the rage quitting commence. 

Star Wars: Battlefront 

Save 42% off list price when you purchase this game on Amazon. A must have title for any Star Wars fan. 

Mad Max 

The movie was totally bad ass. Now relive the Mad Max universe on your PS4 at 50% off. "Only the savage survive."


If you haven't tapped into the Minecraft craze yet, here's your chance to enter the block-building unvierse for 32% off. 

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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