Snail Games' PixARK To Release This May

Get your voxel-based survival gaming on when PixARK releases on all platforms in May.

On May 31, Snail Games will release its voxel-based sandbox survival game PixARK upon the world, bringing it to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game, which is a voxel take on the ARK survival games takes players to a world filled with great variety, from the landscape to the creatures that inhabit it. 

In order to survive in PixARK, players must tame the creatures and the land, craft everything they need, and build a nice safe base in which to reside. The game offers players an infinite amount of maps and procedurally generated quests. The game provides even more variety by allowing players to team up and form a tribe, unless they'd rather go it alone.

As with most voxel-based games, players can build almost anything they want. They'll gather materials and craft everything from tools -- both technological and magical -- to giant fortresses. In their spare time, players can explore, delving into undiscovered areas.

A big focus of PixARK will be taming animals. Players won't be just killing them in standard online quest fashion, but actually capturing and making them your allies. They'll even be able to ride some of these creatures, including dragons and dinosaurs.

Currently, PixARK is available on PC as an Early Access game. This means that while the game hasn't officially launched, those willing to risk playing a game that's still being developed have been able to get a bit of a head start. Thanks to that, those looking to pick up PixARK at launch will have a good bit of information on the game -- including a large selection of guides right here on GameSkinny.

For those who haven't yet grabbed the game and don't want to wait to grab it on PC, PixARK can still be purchased as an Early Access offering for $24.99. This price may change a bit once the game officially releases.

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Published Apr. 24th 2019

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