Worldwide Bloom Event for Pokémon Go This Weekend Adds Grasstypes

Similar to the previous update to the game that added an influx of water-type Pokemon, this update is a weekend of grass-types

In a new update from Niantic Labs called the "Worldwide Bloom" event, more grass type Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go this weekend.

Framed as research for Professor Willow, the grass types are going to appear in the wild from today, May 5, until May 8. Trainers will be able to catch the grass types more often in the wild. This bears a strong resemblance to the last update called the "Water Festival", which guaranteed a higher rate of water-types. 

While the game lacks foreseeable larger updates, we can expect to see more weekend and holiday special events like this one. To take full advantage of the special event update be sure to log in whenever you're on the go this weekend and you'll be on your way to catching em' all.

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Published May. 5th 2017

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