Jibanyan S and Komasan S appear in YO-KAI Watch: Wibble Wobble

LEVEL-5 has put the S-ranked Jibanyan and Komasan up for grabs on YO-KAI Watch: Wibble Wobble.

A new challenger approaches in YO-KAI Watch: Wibble Wobble. Two new ones at that.

LEVEL-5 Inc. and NHN PlayArt have implemented two new characters into the game: Jibanyan, a feline character, and Komasan, an intellectual. Both characters appear in the Crank-a-kai in their Rank S forms, allowing players to try their luck at befriending them.

LEVEL-5 says in the press release:

"Jibanyan might be the cutest cat in all of YO-KAI WATCH, but he sure is lazy. Komasan might be a savant, but his squishy muscles never served him in battle. So how did they jump from Rank D to the highest rank of all, Rank S? Simple, Sgt. Burly’s Beat Camp! Intensive core training in the mornings and super squats in the afternoons turned these chunky chicken nuggets into soaring eagles."

Every subsequent time players befriend a Jibanyan S or Komasan S from the Crank-a-kai, their Soultimate moves will increase, thus making the two more powerful.

"If you’ve been missing out so far, now is your chance to pick up two super strong characters and announce your presence on the leaderboards with the cutest (and toughest) Yo-kai you ever did see. And don’t forget that all of the collectible Yo-kai Medals developed by Hasbro can be scanned into the game to earn bonus items to customize your gameplay experience!"

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Published May. 1st 2016

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