Monopoly -- Report Cheaters to the Mr. Monopoly CheatBot!

Suspect your friends or family of cheating in Monopoly? Report them to Mr. Monopoly himself!

For decades, Monopoly has been the traditional board game of choice for family game nights and other close-knit gatherings. Yet, Monopoly is also central to countless feuds and personal vendettas held all over the world -- which is a little strange for what's meant to be a family-friendly pastime.

So, as popular as Monopoly is, you probably know dozens of people who refuse to ever touch the game again. However, a recent study finally proves that Monopoly was never at fault -- nearly half of the respondents admitted to either bending or breaking the rules of the game!

Learning that 50% of the people closest to you are actually a bunch of filthy Monopoly cheaters may come as a bit of a shock, but worry not -- Hasbro has developed a solution!

From January 16 through February 16, you can visit the Monopoly Facebook page to report someone to Mr. Monopoly himself by using the Monopoly CheatBot, finally providing a way for friends and families to settle their in-game disputes once and for all. 


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Published Jan. 15th 2018

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