Final Fantasy XIV Has the Best MMO Community -- and They're Putting on a Play!

Final Fantasy XIV has a great group of players -- so much so that a group calling themselves " A Stage Reborn" is staging a full theatrical play in-game!

The holiday season is the season about family and friends, the people that have put up with you through the years, and the memories that have transpired over those years. For some gamers, these experiences come from an online game -- Final Fantasy XIV to be precise. The Final Fantasy XIV community is amazing. I’ve been on and off the game, but each time I'm drawn back it isn’t just new content that hooks me; it’s also the community that I interact with.

In fact, the community is so great and tight-knit that a group of players known as “A Stage Reborn” has put together an in-game play called, “I Want to Be Your Canary”. Long-time series fans will recognise this as the opening play from the classic Final Fantasy IX. This is evidence of the creativity of FFXIV's community, and a great way to entertain other players that are waiting for the next big patch. There is even a sneak peak trailer -- enjoy the role-playing greatness:


The trailer pays homage to Final Fantasy IX, featuring faithful recreations of characters such as Princess Garnet, Vivi and Adelbert Steiner.

The stage-play will be performed for two days: Friday December 30th and Saturday 31st, with both days starting at 5 P.M PST. But who knows, if this is a hit they might just do an encore!

This is a fully produced stage play, with a producing crew, actors, special effects, and even bouncers for the mischievous players amongst us. There are house rules posted for the play's attendees on the website at A Stage Reborn. These include:

  • Audience members must use Say chat as subtitles, as it’s the only way to know what the actors are saying.
  • Hide your weapons, as it’s a distraction to other members.
  • Do not use abilities, and turn all effects on, as it will further enhance your experience.

For the players, the show will be held in the Diabolos server at the Lavender Beds, 8th Ward, Plot 28 -- this is where the housing districts are. Active players can make a new character on the Diabolos server. And if you’re not a player you can make a free trial account just for this experience, or you can also watch the show live on Twitch and YouTube.

After giving Final Fantasy XIV dozens of hours I can always count on the community to give me a warm welcome back. This is a community that is truly involved with the development of the game and the players that live in it. A Stage Reborn took it into their own hands to create new content for the community, just like the developers do. If you do attend the show, follow the rules, be friendly, and most importantly enjoy the show!

And don't forget to let us know your thoughts on the show in the comments below!


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Published Dec. 16th 2016

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