The Biggest eSports Tournament Just Hit $6M Total Cash Prize

The biggest cash prize in gaming history!

In just two weeks time, people who bought the Dota 2 compendium have just contributed to the biggest cash prize in gaming history. All thanks to Valve's initiative to create the most value/money virtual item available.

Every goal in the feature list will be available to the people who bought the compendium. As well as some other features that will be available to everyone else. 

Here are the unlocked features:

  1. Evolving Battle Point Booster ($1,800,000 – Unlocked)
  2. Treasures containing Dota 2 Loading Screens ($2,000,000 – Unlocked)
  3. Compendium owners can vote for the next Arcana ($2,200,000 – Unlocked)
  4. Compendium-themed HUD ($2,400,000 – Unlocked)
  5. Compendium owners can vote for participants in an eight-player Solo Championship at The International ($2,600,000 –Unlocked)
  6. Unlock the All Random Deathmatch mode for everyone, not just Compendium owners ($2,900,000 – Unlocked)
  7. Treasure containing Valve-created Immortal items ($3,200,000 – Unlocked)
  8. A set of emoticons that can be used in Dota 2 chat ($3,500,000 – Unlocked)
  9. A Mini-Pudge courier ($4,000,000 – Unlocked)
  10. A new music pack for Dota 2 ($4,500,000 – Unlocked)
  11. Unlock the 1v1 Mid Only matchmaking option for everyone, not just Compendium owners ($5,000,000 – Unlocked)
  12. Unlock new environmental effects in the Dota 2 map ($5,500,000 – Unlocked)
  13. Allow Compendium owners to customise a building in their base ($6,000,000 – Unlocked)

Keep in mind that the tournament matches itself is free to watch.

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Published May. 20th 2014

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