Snakebyte reveals new VR controller, PS4 game pad

Hardware creator Snakebyte has announced a new wave of video game controllers.

Gaming hardware creator Snakebyte announced new game controllers and hardware for a variety of gaming systems. The new hardware includes a VR controller named, well, VR: Controller, and a new game pad for the PlayStation 4.

The VR: Controller, pictured above, connects to a range of devices, including Samsung Gear VR, Android TV and other smart devices, Amazon Fire TV and more, connecting to all via Bluetooth. It can be purchased on Amazon for $29.99. It also features a Micro USB cable for more compatibility. 

A new PlayStation 4 controller was also announced, though is not available for preorder yet. The controller will feature clickable control pads and sleek controls.

A new headset called (you guessed it) Head: Set will also be included in this wave of new products. The headset is compatible with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, allowing gamers to effortlessly chat with teammates or opponents in online gaming.

“We’ve been providing players with high-quality gaming products for two decades, and now feels like the ideal time to flex our development muscles further with the introduction of a whole new range of hardware which significantly raises the bar for performance and quality,” said Chris Carroll, Director of Product Development for Snakebyte.

Snakebyte offers a variety of gaming products, including headsets, charger docks and controllers.


Published Aug. 14th 2016

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