Killzone Will Not Have Split-Screen, Will Have 10 Hour Campaign

Guerilla Games announces several details about Killzone: Shadow Fall.

In a Playstation Blog Q&A, Steven Ter Heide of Guerilla Games made a few announcements. For one, there was a confirmation that Killzone: Shadow Fall, a launch title for the PS4, will have a campaign that will last about 10 hours. 

Ter Heide answered quite a few questions on the newest addition to the Killzone franchise, including details about the nature of the campaign. 

There are no plans to support split screen support, even for local multiplayer functionality. The campaign will not be co-op, though there will be a DLC Expansion Pack after launch that will support an online co-op functionality. There's no word on whether that will include split-screen functionality, but it looks like it will not.

Ter Heide talked about a few other details about the game, including that there will be 22 customizable weapons available at launch, and the DS4 touchpad which will work during the game to select the mode the OWL is in. There are more details about Killzone features on the Playstation Universe Blog

Guerilla Games also announced today that the title was officially gone gold. In developer lingo, "going gold" means that the game has entered the final stage -- manufacturing -- before launch. 

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be launched alongside the PS4 on November 15. 

Published Oct. 21st 2013

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