Chaos Warrior News for Total War: Warhammer

Fan favourites, The Chaos Warriors, will be free to all early adopters of Total War: Warhammer upon release

This week, Creative Assembly announced their plans to offer the Chaos Warriors Race Pack for free upon release of Total War: Warhammer, for anyone who has purchased it, at the end of May. This will, however, only be for one week.

Previously, the Chaos Warrior Race Pack was only available to those who had pre-ordered the game, but it was decided to make it available to all as an early adopters' bonus. Creative Director Mike Simpson commented on the reason for introducing this change:

“The Chaos Warriors have proven to be hugely popular and, by extending the deadline for getting them for free by a week, we can ensure loyal fans who don’t feel like pre-ordering  don’t miss out, while still rewarding early adopters whose support is really valuable to us.”

Total War: Warhammer will release on May 24, 2016, through Steam for PC.

Are you one of those who have been wanting to play as the Chaos Warriors? Or are you quite content with The Empire? I am certainly looking forward to the prospect (although I'm secretly wishing for the Skaven to make an appearance).


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Published Apr. 30th 2016

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