Sorry PC gamers: No server browser for Star Wars Battlefront

PC gamers will have to stick to matchmaking for the upcoming Star Wars game.

The EA community manager on the Star Wars: Battlefront subreddit confirmed that the upcoming Star Wars game will not have a server browser as most PC gamers are accustomed to. Instead, players will be put into a "skill based matchmaking system. Of everyone in the gaming community, PC gamers have thus far been the most skeptical about the upcoming game, and this news only makes them more skeptical.

Removal of space battles is not too bad as players can still engage in dogfights

Although the trailers have been presented well, and the game looks beautiful with great physics, many players still cannot let go of certain factors that others overlook. Some of these include the fact that there are no space battles as were featured in Star Wars Battlefront II, and there is also the fact that there are significantly fewer maps, no clone wars era, and the fact that players cannot truly pilot an AT-AT. None of these would be that big of a deal if it were not for the fact that players are convinced that EA will later add more maps and modes as DLC when they observe their track record with the Battlefield franchise.

The reason that PC gamers are unhappy about the lack of a server browser is simply that they enjoy the freedom of being able to select a level based on how many players are in the server, ability to create custom servers, and the ability to simply join an empty server with all of your buddies and mess around without worrying about other players. To take away a fundemental part of PC gaming takes away something unique about PC's that separate them from consoles. Hopefully it will still be a good game despite the things we have heard, and we will find out this September.


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Published Sep. 3rd 2015

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