Deep Rock Galactic Error Cubes Explained: What Do They Do?

Wondering what that Error Cube (ERR://23¤Y%/) does in Deep Rock Galactic? Here's what you need to know.

Deep Rock Galactic is littered with countless unique resources that take on a plethora of uses and values. The single most valuable resource in the game, however, is quite a mystery. They're called ERR://23¤Y%/, but is more commonly referred to as Error Cubes.

In this Deep Rock Galactic guide, we'll break down exactly what Error Cubes are, how to find them, and how much they are valued.

What are Error Cubes in Deep Rock Galactic?

Error Cubes are rare artifacts in Deep Rock Galactic that grant you a massive experience boost (4,000XP) at the level's end. That makes them the most valuable "mineral" in the game. For comparison, Bittergem, which has a 1/21 chance of appearing, awards between 1,000XP and 1,500XP.

Error Cubes appear as small black and white cubes, looking much like an all-black Rubik's Cube with white grooves. They are technically a mineral, in that you must mine them out of their ore deposits. These deposits appear as spiky gray rock formations with pink auras. Upon mining such an outcropping and snagging the Error Cube, the glowing rock will fade to a normal gray.

Error Cubes are very rare, having a mere 1/26 chance of appearing in any given level, and they can be found in any planetary region, as well as within any mission type. Of course, just because an Error Cube appears in a level doesn't mean that you will find it, so it may seem even rarer.

As of now, Error Cubes only serve two purposes: to grant rare experience boosts at the ends of levels and counting towards the "What Are These Things?" trophy/achievement, which requires you to find five of them. Its large experience payout means it is valuable for leveling up quickly, serving the indirect purpose of being good for weapon unlocks as well.

Ghost Ship Games has hinted that the Error Cubes may be lore-important in Deep Rock Galactic, though they haven't yet detailed why. It's believed to have the same origin as ERR://19%T#/, or the Error Helix, which is a rare structure that has only ever been found in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone, which seems likely, but has not been confirmed.

That's all there is to know about Deep Rock Galactic's Error Cubes right now, but hopefully, in the future, we'll see its backstory and uses further developed. Until then, it remains the game's greatest mystery. If you're interested in learning more about Deep Rock Galactic, check out our other articles in our guides hub!


Published Jan. 5th 2022

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