New iPhone Game Apps: Word Speed Puzzle Master

Gamers who love word association games will have fun playing Word Speed Puzzle Master. One of the newest iPhone game apps, this title has players create words to see who can get the highest score.

Do you remember playing Scrabble on Friday nights with friends and family? Go Games newest iPhone game apps includes Word Speed Puzzle Master, a title that will have you, friends and family playing word games as you did years ago.

A video game you can also play on the iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones and tablets, this word game has gamers create words by connecting touching letters to make the top score, all in less than two minutes. You can try to make as many words in as short a time as possible or go-for-broke and design bigger words for a higher score. With this new iPhone game, gamers can increase the vocabulary and have fun at the same time.

Players can compete against friends on four Facebook leaderboards to see who has the best vocabulary and quickest mind. Are you the master of words or just a pretender? With this new game app you can play word games on the road, or when the mood hits you.

Go Games just released a trailer for Word Speed Puzzle Master you can view here. Check it out and then start learning new words and increasing your vocabulary. You’ll also find information on the game and all the iPhone game apps developed by Go Games.

You can buy Word Speed Puzzle Master for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at the App Store. Android gamers can also buy this video game from Google Play Store. If you love word games and improving your vocabulary, check out this video game and tell your word-loving friends. This weekend you’ll be having fun and learning new words in the company of the people you love the most.


Reading, writing and gaming are all art forms if you have a passion to learn, express yourself and have fun. Being able to make a living while doing your passions is an even greater gift.

Published Jan. 28th 2014

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