Evolve's update 8 includes monster-human hybrid hunter Kala and a lot of fixes

The support hunter Kala joins the roster and is the last hunter of the Hunting Season 2 pass. Use monster attacks against them with Kraken's missiles, Goliath's armor, and Wraith's teleportation.

Dr. Kala Kapur is the latest character in the multiplayer monster hunter, EVOLVE, from Turtle Rock Studios.

Rounding out the roster of 20 hunter now, Kala is a support hunter who spliced monster DNA into her own genetics and now uses her new monster abilities to hunt them.  

According to the official EVOLVE website, her abilities include :


An improvement on Kraken technology, these airborne missiles home in on nearby enemies. When placed on the ground, they become more powerful, slower moving homing mines


An improvement on Wraith technology, these pads create rifts that allow teammates to move instantaneously from one part of the map to another;


Using Goliath’s armor technology, the Armor Reducer shoots a beam which temporarily eliminates the Monster’s armor. The armor quickly regenerates once the beam connection breaks.

You can pick up Kala separately for $4.99  or you will already have access to her if you bought the Hunting Season 2 for $24.99. For those who do not have the game, she is included in the Ultimate Edition of EVOLVE for $59.99 which include all skins, and DLC so far.

Besides Kala, update 8 comes with a lot of  bug fixes across all platforms and the Elder Kraken skin which has yet to be released at the time of this article. A lot of bugs that resulted in the game crashing have been fixed along with some animation, respawn, and invisible wall problems.

Most characters and monsters have been rebalanced with new difficulty ratings that the community suggested via feedback. The Gorgon has been given a decrease in dps for Spider Trap and Acid Spit, but it has also been given a health increase when using Mimic. 

With 20 hunters, 5 monsters, and a ton of fixes, EVOLVE is looking good. Happy Hunting.


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Published Jan. 29th 2016

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