RIFT Announces New Song of Dreams Update to Come

RIFT announces date for next update.

It's been a month and a half since RIFT released their last big update, 2.4, Beyond Infinity. Trion Worlds has announced on their blog that the next update, 2.5, is coming soon. The date announced is Wednesday, November 6th. The name of the new update is titled Song of Dreams. The picture that accompanied the announcement has an underwater scene in the background, which has led forum users to believe it has something to do with an area underwater.

A quick search led to the site, RiftScene, which has some interesting notes about the new update based off the playtest server, which went live Oct 29th. Adjacent to Ember Isle, there will be new underwater zones.

For a player to start the new journey to the new zones, they will need to first speak to Keeper Ivan. Keep Ivan is located in Tempest Bay next to the porticulum (or teleporter). The new zones will naturally add new quests, both story and dailies, carnage, and, last but most definitely not least, new rifts.

Trion Worlds has yet to officially release the information on what is being included with Song of Dreams, but be sure to check back as more information appears.

Published Nov. 2nd 2013

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