Universal Announces Upcoming Nintendo Attractions

Soon you'll be able to fully immerse yourself into a Nintendo world at the nearest Universal amusement park!

Big things are coming to the one of the world's largest amusement parks.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal Creative's Mark Woodbury released a video Tuesday, teasing some big partnership between the two for Universal Parks. 

That's right -- a Nintendo expansion is coming to three Universal Parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Osaka, Japan. While no major details were given, we know that the park additions will be completely immersive and interactive, filled with multiple attractions.

Miyamoto reassures:

"Since we're really bringing the world to life, I think Mario will feel like he finally came home!"

Work on the new additions is well underway, and they are set to open over the next several years. More details will be released as further progress is made.

Are you excited for the Nintendo park expansions? What attractions do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments!


Published Nov. 30th 2016

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