Dear gaming santa...

All I want for christmas is... a WiiU?


Dear Gaming Santa,

It's been a few months since we last talked, almost a year in fact! I know we only talk when I need something but this year is different, but before I get into that, how are you?

Did you enjoy the mushroom shaped cookies I left by the chimney last year?

How about the Mountain Dew, I can tell you first hand how it will help you power through a night of intense work!

So I am writing you this letter to tell you about my Daughter. See, Lucy is getting older and just watching Daddy play games isn't nearly enough for her anymore. No, Lucy wants to play. I could talk about it all day but just watch this... 

Can you see the problem here?

I love my little girl, and playing games together is our favorite indoor activity. She learned how to hold a controller before she could hold a pencil. But now with the PS4 and Xbox One on the way my family needs help. We need a console that Lucy and I can play on together, maybe one that can let us go head to head in a father daughter multiplayer match. Just watch her playing Proteus... 

 How can you resist such a cute little face, don't you just want to sit down and play a game or two with her?

Please, help me get her off my computer and onto a console of her own!

Thanks Gaming Santa!

Originally Published Oct. 30th 2013

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    LUCY FTW!!!
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    Tom Sullivan
    Lucy needs to win! Great stuff, Levi.
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    I'm so glad you two enjoy games together! It's important to spend time with your children.
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    Go team Lucy!
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    Good luck!
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    Good luck, hope you win it for your little girl
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    Good luck Lucy! I hope you are blessed with a terrific gift. I miss being a kid.
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    Good luck you two!
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    Ashley G
    Good luck Levi! I hope Lucy gets her very own system! Maybe santa should throw in a tv too! :P
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    From one dad to another, good luck!
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    Good luck Lucy!
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    Hey good luck, your daughter is super cute
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    Good luck! Your daughter is lucky to have you as a dad!
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    Go Lucy!!
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    I hope you win!! If you do you have to get the new Mario!!
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    Hey Levi, I hope you win everyone at work is excited for you!!
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    Hey man if you keep putting up video's of your little girl then you will win for sure!!
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    Levi's kids are adorable, he should win just because of that!!
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    If you don't win this I want my comment back!! :) good luck!
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    I was told to come here and comment by someone else at work, so here it is.
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    I hope you win! She is so cute!
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    Ty Christian
    Hope you win!
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    Good luck and I hope you win
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    I hope you are able to get your little girl exactly what she wants
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    Aaron G
    Good luck Levi! If everyone at work can't help you win then nothing can!!!
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