Dear gaming santa...

All I want for christmas is... a WiiU?

Dear Gaming Santa,

It's been a few months since we last talked, almost a year in fact! I know we only talk when I need something but this year is different, but before I get into that, how are you?

Did you enjoy the mushroom shaped cookies I left by the chimney last year?

How about the Mountain Dew, I can tell you first hand how it will help you power through a night of intense work!

So I am writing you this letter to tell you about my Daughter. See, Lucy is getting older and just watching Daddy play games isn't nearly enough for her anymore. No, Lucy wants to play. I could talk about it all day but just watch this... 

Can you see the problem here?

I love my little girl, and playing games together is our favorite indoor activity. She learned how to hold a controller before she could hold a pencil. But now with the PS4 and Xbox One on the way my family needs help. We need a console that Lucy and I can play on together, maybe one that can let us go head to head in a father daughter multiplayer match. Just watch her playing Proteus... 

 How can you resist such a cute little face, don't you just want to sit down and play a game or two with her?

Please, help me get her off my computer and onto a console of her own!

Thanks Gaming Santa!

Published Oct. 30th 2013
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  • Jon_4814
    LUCY FTW!!!
  • Tom Sullivan
    Lucy needs to win! Great stuff, Levi.
  • Joe_7008
    I'm so glad you two enjoy games together! It's important to spend time with your children.
  • Celia_4451
    Go team Lucy!
  • Andrea_5501
    Good luck!
  • Brian_7405
    Good luck, hope you win it for your little girl
  • Zig_1466
    Good luck Lucy! I hope you are blessed with a terrific gift. I miss being a kid.
  • Chris_7308
    Good luck you two!
  • Ashley G
    Good luck Levi! I hope Lucy gets her very own system! Maybe santa should throw in a tv too! :P
  • Matt_3729
    From one dad to another, good luck!
  • Emma_6471
    Good luck Lucy!
  • Ryan_8173
    Hey good luck, your daughter is super cute
  • Phil_6522
    Good luck! Your daughter is lucky to have you as a dad!
  • biki_2842
    Go Lucy!!
  • Jason_7600
    I hope you win!! If you do you have to get the new Mario!!
  • Karl_7181
    Hey Levi, I hope you win everyone at work is excited for you!!
  • John_9987
    Hey man if you keep putting up video's of your little girl then you will win for sure!!
  • Kevin_5214
    Levi's kids are adorable, he should win just because of that!!
  • Ethan_1907
    If you don't win this I want my comment back!! :) good luck!
  • kami_1121
    I was told to come here and comment by someone else at work, so here it is.
  • Jane_4722
    I hope you win! She is so cute!
  • Ty Christian
    Hope you win!
  • Trooper_8803
    Good luck and I hope you win
  • Ellielass
    I hope you are able to get your little girl exactly what she wants
  • Aaron G
    Good luck Levi! If everyone at work can't help you win then nothing can!!!
  • Mike_5441
    Good luck Levi and Lucy everyone at work is rooting for you!!
  • Danielle _6139
    Good luck you two!
  • Nicolas Divin
    Good luck!
  • Christian_2300
    Good luck Levi! I hope you win this for Lucy!
  • Melissa_8557
    Good luck Lucy and Levi!
  • Bryan A
    Good luck Lucy, everyone at your Dad's work is rooting for you!
  • Ashley_3654
    Good luck!!!!
  • Tracey_1588
    Go Lucy!!!
  • Patrik_9419
    I hope she gets her WiiIU, she deserves it.
  • Dayna_9559
    I hope my kiddo takes after Lucy and is a smart, creative little lady who also rocks at video games :D
  • Taybeast
    Good luck sweetie!
  • Katelyn_9113
    Good luck Lucy!!
  • Christina _7517
    Good luck Lucy!!!!! Yeyyyyy Batman!!
  • Reed_6470
    Good luck Lucy!!
  • Bimbles_7012
    I came here to say this.
  • dana _8532
    i hope you win. lucy looks like a winner.
  • Pat DeArmond
    Can't say no to a little beauty that could whip me at ANY video game! Good Luck!!
  • Karen_2326
    Yay Lucy!!! Seriously though, she needs her own WiiU so she can get her own game on and then beat her Daddy's butt!!!
  • Tony_1400
    Good luck! That little girl deserves a game more than anyone!
  • Chris_1910
    Lucy deserves a WiiU!
  • Devin_2701
    Good luck.
  • matt_4691
    Good luck! Hope you win!
  • Jeff_3395
    Your daughter is adorable and she deserves a game system of her own. Good luck!
  • Katie_6392
    Play on Lucy!
  • Appgamer
    Good luck Lucy!! What a cute little girl!!
  • Uncle Peter
    Go for it Levi!
  • Jonny_8570
    This is awesome!
  • LeviHaag
    Featured Contributor
    Thanks Jonny!!
  • Becka_3886
    Team Lucy and Levi!!!!
  • Jean_9932
    Please gaming Santa bring dear sweet adorable little Lucy a console, thank you Gaming!! Santa!!!
  • momomoba
    That little girl is adorable! Good luck! the family that games together stays together!
  • Santa_7729
    If you want this you better start behaving! I know when you've been bad or good and you've been very bad ;)
  • Caden Moniz
    Featured Correspondent
    Good luck. I hope that you and Lucy get an Xbox One or PS4. If I was Gaming Santa, I would give them to you.
  • LeviHaag
    Featured Contributor
    Thanks!! She really loves playing games with me but the PC just doesn't have too many multiplayer titles so here is to hoping!!
  • Max_4504
    How could you say no to the adorable little Lucy! Get Lucy a Console 2013!
  • MacGamer_4977
    Good luck Lucy and Levi! Hope you win! I really like your reviews too!
  • jennylynn78
    I hope she has a wonderful Christmas and gets everything she wants!
  • Gramma B
    Every girl needs a console of her own!
  • Billy_6756
    Good luck Levi and Lucy!
  • Aunt Judy
    When Lucy is playing these games with her father (whom she adores), she is a powerful, quick, cunning, Super Girl. How could you deny a budding gaming genius the opportunity to be the most powerful Super Girl in her school??
  • LeviHaag
    Featured Contributor
    Haha thanks AJ! She is pretty obsessed with games right now!
  • LeviHaag
    Featured Contributor
    Thanks for the well wishes everyone!!
  • Lisa_2064
    Levi and Lucy are a
    great example of how wonderful A Father and daughter can share time together. They need a console to share their games together
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    great to see so many new members on the site, I hope you'll take the time to look around and read some of the articles.
  • Stephanie_8619
    Lucy is getting so big! I love how she is interested in the same things as you! Good luck!
  • Janna_5039
    Lucy is adorable and I hope you get this console so you two can play games together!!
  • LeviHaag
    Featured Contributor
    I hope we get it too!
  • Stefanie_6723
    Good luck I hope she gets to play all the games she wants! :)
  • LeviHaag
    Featured Contributor
    Thanks!! Me too!!

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