Latest Eville Trailer Reveals All New Side-Quests

Eville, the medieval themed social deduction game set to launch in Early Access later this year gets a massive update to the closed beta

Developer VestGames has released a new trailer for their social deduction game Eville, which is set to release in Steam Early Access in early 2021 (so sometime soon). The update 0.35 trailer reveals a massive patch with all-new side quests (11 in total), gameplay changes, and a slew of bug fixes.

The more than 3-minute video below shows portions of the quests in action and explains quest rewards, how they affect the order and chaos mechanics, and what quest events are, among other things.  

Eville seems to be really ramping up in terms of its development since this is the second large update reveal just this month. This update specifically features the addition of 11 new side-quests, with more planned to be added ahead of release. It also features certain changes to the gameplay, such as the removal of the Axe Murderer, a new corpse reporting system, and an overhaul to the UI. 

Eville is still currently in closed beta. We got a sneak peek into the beta and some of the quests on offer. At the time, Josh Broadwell said "Eville is already highly polished, much more so than I'd expect from an early alpha build. The unique classes and skills add a surprising amount of variation in each game, and the deduction element, so far, makes for one of the most enjoyable mystery experiences I've encountered in games."

Stay tuned for more on Eville as it becomes available. You can wishlist the game over on Steam now


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Published May. 12th 2021

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