The Exciting Conclusion of the Skullgirls' Indiegogo Saga

Skullgirls' campaign was majorly successful.

As of our last episode, Skullgirls had successfully funded its third DLC character. As the time went by today, I noticed around another $120k~ or so being pumped in. With that much pumped in along with the bits added in throughout the week, the Indiegogo campaign ended with the team making just short of $830k.

Since the team made $830k, we're getting the second fan vote character. In addition to that, during the week, the team added in a bonus reward of a Robo-Fortune character based off of the voice pack they were going to do for Ms. Fortune.

What originally started off as a campaign to fund just one new Skullgirls character quickly turned into a campaign that managed to fund five new characters, four new stages and songs, and some awesome new voice acting packs.

If you donated to the campaign, even just $1, you are eligible to vote. Be sure to keep an eye on your e-mail, as that is where the Skullgirls' team will notify you of the poll.

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Published Mar. 28th 2013
  • Jeremy
    I can't wait for the PC release, the animation in this game is top notch.

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