The Outer Worlds Soars Above and Beyond Take-Two's Hopes

Two weeks after release, The Outer Worlds is apparently already a huge success for publisher Take-Two.

The Outer Worlds has been out for two weeks, and its sales numbers have apparently exceeded publisher Take-Two's anticipations. 

The tidbit comes from Take-Two's recent earnings briefing. Take-Two's President, Karl Slatoff, said The Outer Worlds was a "critical and commercial success... exceeding our expectations, and reviews have been outstanding."

Slatoff didn't provide any specifics about The Outer Worlds' sales numbers, but to mention the game's performance so soon after launch, they must be pretty special indeed.

It's not hard to see why people are falling in love with The Outer Worlds. It gives players a substantial amount of control over not just how the story develops, but how character arcs evolve — or don't.

In our review of The Outer Worlds, GameSkinny contributor Jordan Baranowski said it's "...a sci-fi RPG that's a heckuva' lot of fun, and it's a perfect example of a single-player RPG done right,"

GS Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Moore, also praised the nuanced treatment of the game's character development:

The Outer Worlds is so much fun... it's compelling and full of wonderful, fully fleshed out characters. In fact, it has some of the most interesting, subtly-written characters in a Western RPG in some time.

The Outer Worlds' reception is likely only going to improve as well, once the game's Virtuos-handled port launches early next year on Nintendo Switch.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on The Outer Worlds as it develops. If you're playing and find yourself stuck on any of the game's quests, or want to know how to pick up the Shrink Ray, for instance, be sure to head over to our guides hub for The Outer Worlds


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Published Nov. 11th 2019

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