The absolute worst things to happen because of Pokemon Go (so far)

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This might just be the biggest upset in the history of gaming. Mere months ago no one could have predicted this statement would be true: a Pokemon entry is the absolute biggest game of the year.

Infinity Ward and Dice can quit dueling – they both lost. Despite dominating for months, Blizzard has absolutely nothing on Niantic at this particular moment in time. No Man's who? Everybody's too busy catching digital monsters to spare any time exploring a galaxy.

A term like “unqualified success” doesn't even begin to cover the situation. People who couldn't have told you the difference between Link and Mario a month ago are now spending all their time playing a mobile game. Pokemon Go is so big it's actually overtaking the number of people who regularly use Twitter.

Although Niantic is sitting on the biggest smash hit of 2016, all is not well in the realm of digital dog fighting. With great fame comes great drama, and Pokemon Go has spurred on quite a bit of that in a very, very short amount of time. This unexpected phenomena might just be heralding the apocalypse with how many times its managed to make headlines well outside the world of gaming.

At this point, you're as likely to see a reporter mangling names of Pokemon on the 5 'o clock news as anywhere else – and almost universally for negative reasons. Here, we've rounded up the worst of the worst as gamers leave the living room and venture into the outside world, where much mayhem was sadly waiting for them.

Published Aug. 3rd 2016

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