The absolute worst things to happen because of Pokemon Go (so far)

Derpy Gamers Make Us All Look Bad

Falling off a cliff while chasing a Pidgey isn't the most boneheaded thing someone has done while playing Pokemon Go. Also in the running for that particular title is a Baltimore resident who crashed his RAV 4 into a parked police vehicle while he was looking down at the app on his phone!

Don't worry, the police are getting in on the action though, with officers in New Hampshire using the game to lure in criminals with outstanding warrants.

There's been a rash of trespassing and getting into trouble with property owners, but Romain Pierre is the man who easily outdid all others - by sneaking onto a military base in Indonesia to find Pokemon! That guy is lucky not to be in a body bag right now.

Published Aug. 3rd 2016

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