The absolute worst things to happen because of Pokemon Go (so far)

Pokemon Go Altercations And Disruptions

In just about any situation, whether we're talking about video games or literally anything else in life, there's always going to be that one guy who ruins it for everyone. When you've got a game as popular as Pokemon Go, it turns out "that one guy" is actually "a whole lotta guys."

Things have gotten out of hand more than once with gamers interacting with other human beings out in the real world, like the massive altercation between Pokemon Go players and vets at a memorial park, or when players on opposing teams have decided to "mark" territory through graffiti and vandalism.

Some of the most obvious "dafuq" moments have come from holocaust memorial museums asking players to stop disrupting services by whipping out their phones and going Pokemon hunting.

Easily my favorite instance of a bizarre altercation occurred with Michael Baker, who reminds me of that now-forgotten viral internet sensation “Kai, straight outta Dogtown."

Michael was actually stabbed by an assailant... and then continued playing (after buying beer and snacks at a nearby convenience store). You're an inspiration Mr. Baker, and someone we all look up to here at GameSkinny.

Published Aug. 3rd 2016

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