11 Most Anticipated New MMO Releases of 2019

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Project TL

  • Developer: Team TL
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release date: TBA 2019

Lineage 3 or Lineage Eternal has been in development for many years. Last year the developer changed the title of the game to Project TL, and plans to start beta testing at the end of 2018.

This will be the first time, when players all over the world will be able to finally play the game, which was hyped like no other MMO before. For those who are not in the know, Project TL is an isometric Action MMORPG with orcs, elves, and wizards.

The developer promises a deep combat system with realistic physics, and an interactive world, in which every object will have an impact on your gameplay. In addition, it will have a dynamic weather system, landscape changes and destructible environments.

Published Nov. 2nd 2018

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