11 Most Anticipated New MMO Releases of 2019

Dual Universe

  • Developer: Novaquark
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release date: TBA 2019

Dual Universe offers gamers the opportunity to travel through the universe and visit any planets they want with no restrictions whatsoever. From the story point of view, humanity was forced to explore other planets after the apocalyptic event that destroyed the entire Solar System.

As you already guessed, colonizing new planets is the main goal of Dual Universe. As usual, the players will have to learn new skills and abilities, but since Dual Universe is a sandbox MMO, you can modify your world and skill tree as much as you want.

Players will be able to build cities and entire spaceports, trade resources and design their own space arks. If you enjoy games like EVE Online and Star Citizen, then Dual Universe should definitely be in your list of the best upcoming MMOs 2019.

Published Nov. 2nd 2018

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