HearthStone Beta Key Giveaway This Friday!

Looking for a HearthStone Beta Key? Of course you are!

GameSkinny has been given 5 HearthStone Beta Keys to give away to our followers and contributors. We know you've all been wanting one--here's your chance. To enter into the drawing follow the GameSkinny twitter and RT the contest tweet. We will be drawing winners on Friday August 23rd at 3pm.

The best part of this contest is you can play your new HearthStone Beta and tell us your thoughts in a review on GameSkinny. I've played it and have been extremely impressed. It's better than you would ever expect. A video review from me on HearthStone will be coming soon.

This hopefully won't be the last of HearthStone Beta Keys--the more reviews and retweets, the better the chances of GameSkinny getting more!

Good luck in the drawing!


Active Contest Here!

Published Aug. 20th 2013
  • new_g
    i need it this key
  • biun
    wtf LOL I got a Hearthstone Beta Key and it wasn't invalid! Giveaway is going on here http://hearthstonebetakeys.cc
  • SwiftNova_6265
    I follow you on twitter, i really hope that i will be one of them that gets the key...
  • Fan_4983
    Please send me Key : Sebo2511@azet.sk im your fan.
  • Ian_8511
    I played the actual WoW card game, but it stopped producing more cards because of Hearth of Stone. I want to play Hearth of Stone since That is NO more card game for me! Plz, keyyyyy
  • I want Beta Key!
    Any keys left or new giveaways coming soon ?
  • sonic5202
    Followed and retweeted, hope I get a key. Good luck everyone!
  • Kyle_1257
    Ive Been Wanting a beta key since i first saw it when i no lifed WoW
  • Ken P.
    Thanks. :)
  • Jonibox
    For god saint.... PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Leo_1455
    I Just follow you on twitter, i really hope that i will win a beta key...
  • Leo_1455
    I follow you on twitter, I hope i can have a beta kek
  • shawn_6477
    just got my beta key right now about to install

  • ryan gillard
    I do alot of betas and I love tcg so I hope i get picked love to write an article for you guys.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    We already picked the winners last Friday :(. Keep checking the site and our twitter for future giveaways! We are currently doing a $20 steam card giveaway, it actually ends today (Wed, Aug 28) at 4PM EST.
  • Nylon_7785
    love this game *.*
  • Jackifer
    I'm not really expecting to win, (seeing as how I've never won a thing in my life) but maybe this will be a first. No harm in trying I guess.. Btw you should probably be a bit careful with your selection considering many people have made multiple accounts to spam retweet for more chance of winning. Like my main man dasda asdas, who I'm sure is a fine gentleman of the asdas dynasty.. seems a little peculiar. At least try to use a fake name and a fake picture like everyone else. Sheesh.

    Edit: Nevermind, winners were already selected lol.. So go back to the mines or give up until open beta?
  • Chris Richardson
    I know how you feel, I'm on the verge of just calling it quits. I've jumped through so many hoops this past week, I'm a shoe in for the circus.
  • eace_8253
    i want a beta key :P
  • Niwus
    Im new
  • Niwus
    Oh im new i just found out about this page... as i am a hardcore fan of WoW i really want an beta key :)
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    The winners have been selected, if you won you will be receiving a direct message on twitter!
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