Celebrity Guess Answers: Levels 1 to 30

Answers to the first 30 levels of the Celebrity Guess app.

Celebrity Guess, created by Derek Williams, is a puzzle trivia game where you show parts of an image and try to guess which celebrity lies beneath.

The famous figures include celebrities such as actors, musicians, and athletes so that is the first clue to solving all the puzzles with ease. You only get a specific number (6 to start) of reveals before you have to waste hints or ask your friends for help, once you solve a puzzle you get the reward of more of these reveals. You also get a different star after every 20 levels.

A tip from me to you: Always start off by clearing the four middle squares, that way you can see the celebrity's face without wasting reveals!

Answers to Levels 1 - 30

1 Justin
2 Miley
3 Adam
4 Megan
5 Leonardo
6 Brad
7 Denzel
8 Jennifer
9 Matthew
10 Beyonce
11 Britney
12 Lady Gaga
13 Angelina
14 Jessica
15 Katy
16 Justin
17 Adam
18 George
19 Nicolas
20 Kim
21 Adele
22 Emma
23 Naomi
24 Gerard
25 Channing
26 Catherine
27 Bradley
28 Lindsay
29 Matthew
30 Nicki


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Published Jun. 13th 2014
  • Kelly_2718
    Hola me he quedado en el nivel 14 ayuda por favor
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    I don't know level 24 can anyone help me cause I want to win this game
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    Hey some of y'all are wrong this does help
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    Thanks for the answers.
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    Love/hate this game
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    I love this game because I can learn about all kinds of celebs
  • Jordyn_2567
    This did not help me so...b**** get a life
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    It's not where i am searching for. There are other celebrity guess games and ️I've got anotherone 😖
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    I need to know level one
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    IT did not tel the answer
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    not a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • maliyah_2466
    this is going to be maliyah remember that
  • Bailey_7084
    I don't like this it dosent do anything to help you
  • Shanee_4025
    I hate this game it keeps giving me the same person
  • Cassidy_8561
    I like google it's my favorite place to look up stuff

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