Celebrity Guess Answers: Levels 31 to 60

Answers to levels 31 through 60 of the Celebrity Guess app.

Welcome to the second set of Celebrity Guess Answers. This answers guide covers levels 31 to 60. Celebrity Guess is a puzzle trivia app developed by Derek Williams that tests your knowledge of the actors, musicians, and sports legends all in one convenient app.

Tip: If you are running low on reveals you can click the back arrow at the top left of the screen and you'll be able to start over revealing other parts of the picture that might help you solve the puzzle.

If you are just beginning your puzzle trivia adventure check out the answers to levels 1 through 30 or if you're further along find the set you're looking for below.

Celebrity Guess Answers: Levels 1 to 30

Answers to Levels 31 - 60

31 Pink
32 Matt
33 Bruce
34 Paul
35 Madonna
36 Khloe
37 Amanda
38 Emily
39 Liam
40 Kesha
41 Chris
42 Anne
43 Kristen
44 Halle
45 Ben
46 Jennifer
47 Orlando
48 Kanye
49 Eddie
50 Avril
51 Jason
52 Chris
53 David
54 Eminem
55 Harry
56 Lea
57 Miranda
58 Hilary
59 Mila
60 Paul


Celebrity Guess Answers: Levels 61-90

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