Celebrity Guess Answers: Levels 61 to 90

Answers to levels 61 through 90 of the Celebrity Guess app.

Celebrity Guess is an app that will definitely test your knowledge of celebrities, musicians, and sports figures. The app is fun but most of all challenging, and we all need a little hint now and then. After the app's latest update the order of all the pictures changed so I've compiled a list of all the new answers.

Tip: If you get stuck, try restarting the level, it'll give you a new set of letters to choose from which might help you find the correct answer and name that celebrity.

The following is a list of answers for other levels of Celebrity Guess.

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Answers to Levels 61 - 90

61 Nicole
62 Drake
63 Jason
64 Jennifer
65 Jeremy
66 Julianne
67 Jude
68 Philip
69 Ian
70 Jennifer
71 Katie
72 Jessica
73 Cruise
74 Hanks
75 Kutcher
76 Will Smith
77 Jack Black
78 Ferrell
79 Jackman
80 Bullock
81 Robert
82 Efron
83 Christian
84 Carell
85 Roberts
86 Tyra Banks
87 Affleck
88 Channing
89 Depp
90 Samberg

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Published Jun. 15th 2014
  • Yara_4503
    Thanks a lot for the answers it really helped😌
  • Yara_4503
    When is level 91 and the others coming out??
  • Savannah Peterson
    This guy has a mustache and a o an in his name
  • Does it matter
    When is levels 91- whatever coming out??
  • I am on level 91
    I love this game and it is like I get to do research about them a lot 👸 i am also waiting for the next answers it has almost been a moth by now sice I haven't had any more cheats
  • Tay_8061
    I am on level 64 and I was on level 30 now I am making my way up there
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    Thanks these helped me a lot
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    Im waiting aswell for answers so get then as soon as you can please
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    How come you're not doing 90 or 91 to... What ever the last level is

    dont get this the wrong way
    I personally apreciate that you are putting the answers up
    I sound posh dont i
  • Lauren_6391
    Hope some one finds more amswers
  • Lauren_6391
    On the celeberty guess cheats why not go all the way. Thorough all the levels! I'm waiting for more levels

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