Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Release on Xbox One (No, Really This Time, Activision is For Sure)

Fans of Spider-Man with an Xbox One aren't being left in the cold, as apparently Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be coming out for the next-gen console after all.

Do enjoy delivering rough justice in what may be one of the most brightly colored costumes in the Marvel universe? Do you have an odd obsession with taking pictures of super heroes? Do you wish there was a Spider-Man game inspired not only by the recent movies, but also the '90s TV show? Do you want that game on Xbox One? Well congratulations; it turns out today may be your lucky day.

Despite earlier suggestion by Activision that the Xbox One version of Amazing Spider-Man 2 had been cancelled, it is now available on Xbox Live for not only 360 but also Xbox One and has been confirmed as playable by Game Informer. Curiously though, Metacritic still lists the Xbox One title as being 62 days from release, but since Activision has given no statement on delaying the game, it can only be assumed this was an error on Metacritic's part.

As of this writing, no reviews have released for the game, so be careful in your purchase. Those of you that pre-ordered on Xbox One should receive your bonuses and the game same as every other platform.

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Published Apr. 29th 2014

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