Detroit: Become Human, Spiritual Successor to Heavy Rain, Will Be At E3

Quantic Dream, the developer behind the critically-acclaimed Heavy Rain, and their new game Detroit: Become Human will be present at E3.

Last year at Paris Games Week, we learned that game developer Quantic Dream, famous for its interactive story dramas such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, is working on a new PlayStation 4 exclusive titled Detroit: Become Human. This week, we learned through IGN video host Greg Miller that the game will make an appearance at next week's E3 conference. 

Additionally, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Foundamière recently tweeted that fans shouldn't miss Sony's E3 press conference, further implying that more information about the game, or perhaps even a trailer or gameplay footage, will be revealed during Sony's conference. 

Detroit: Become Human will follow an android named Kara as she struggles to live among humans -- who still largely regard her kind as practical tools created for humanity's benefit -- in the city of Detroit. The game is based on the developer's 2012 PS3 tech demo Kara. Few other details are known, but it is expected that Detroit will build upon many of the interactive, narrative-based, and cinematic elements of its predecessors. Fans of Quantic Dream's other works would do well to check out Detroit, and follow Sony's E3 press conference for any further information on this heavily-anticipated title. 


Published Jun. 12th 2016

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