Breach and Clear: Deadline launches onto Steam

The hordes are back and this time you can't just sit back and strategize. Get ready to get your hands dirty and go elbow-deep in zombie warfare.

Breach and Clear: Deadline pulls you back into the fray of tireless zombie hordes and post-apocalyptic warfare in a successor to the original hybrid tactical strategy game. The undead have returned in monstrous and terrifying new forms. It's up to you to investigate the source of this new infestation, a mysterious parasite that puppets host bodies from the inside out.

The parasites aren't the only ones pulling strings, however. You're given a team of four elite soldiers, each of which can be customized to create the perfect team. Plan out your team's every move as they engage the hordes, but be prepared to improvise. As your forces proceed, alternate between paused top-down tactical outlining and a real-time action mode that will test your abilities to think on your feet.

Breach and Clear: DEADline gameplay

Harbor City is more expansive and dynamic than ever before, a fitting chessboard for Deadline's complex gameplay. Explore four procedurally-generated open-worlds, pushing back the zombies and unearthing dark secrets. The battlefield is also littered with RPG-inspired side quests that can grant you extra experience, equipment, ammo, and weapons.

It's dangerous to go alone, so take a friend with you in an all-new online campaign co-op. To encourage endless rounds of magical zombie-slaying teamwork, the developers are offering a special double digital copy package of DEADline, the perfect gift for yourself and a friend. Or a spouse. Or your really cool mom.

Breach and Clear: Deadline is out now on Steam as an individual product and as part of combo deals, all of which will be offered at 33% off until July 27th.


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Published Jul. 22nd 2015

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