Breach & Clear: Deadline [Interview]

Breach & Clear: Deadline has created a new open world

We met with Randy with Breach & Clear: Deadline at PAX East 2015. He let us in on what is new with the game, why they were at PAX and how this is very different from the original.  

In Deadline, you are the leader of a tactical squad that must find the source of an infection and stop it from taking over the city. Being billed as a offshoot rather than a sequel, the new Breach & Clear is a "mish-match hybrid of action and strategy" according to Randy. Now an open world, the game is no longer mission based, but rather quest based. The new modes give you control to play more as you want with real-time strategy and a choice to take quests. There is plenty to do to stop the zombies, monsters, and human mercenaries. 

Breach and Clear: Deadline is available in early access now and the early reviews are very good. 


Managing Editor

Published Mar. 12th 2015

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