7 most geektastic ways to celebrate your inner geek

Get Drunk In Video Game Style

Saturday morning cartoons and Harry Potter movie marathons are all well and good, but we're adults now, so maybe you want to celebrate your inner geek in more adult style. No, I'm not about to link to some NSFW hentai games... I'm talking about getting sloshed, silly!

Make a shot/cocktail for every Pokemon in the Pokedex, stir together a Rainbow Road cocktail while you annihilate your Mario Kart competition, or celebrate the tragic (MASSIVE GAME OF THRONES SPOILER) death of Hodor with some mead that would make the northerners proud (END MASSIVE GAME OF THRONES SPOILER).

We've also got a complete guide to amazing gaming-themed drinks to check out right here.

Published May. 25th 2016

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