Hello Neighbor Complete Achievements Guide

With a slew of patches out since release date, most of the Hello Neighbor achievements are now working!

After a rocky start with more than a few bugs and completely nonfunctional achievements, Hello Neighbor has since seen several patches fixing a slew of issues.

If you're ready to start back over from the beginning and nab all the achievements, we've got you covered with step-by-step guides for each and every one that is currently working.

Some of these achievements can't be unlocked until the later portions of the game. If you haven't figured out how to complete the main acts yet, be sure to take a look at our full walkthroughs to reach each level:

Hello Neighbor Achievements List

This creepy breaking-and-entering simulator features 17 achievements to unlock on PC or console, with an associated bump in gamer score of course if you are playing on the Xbox One.

For some reason, there are major discrepancies between the Steam and Xbox versions of the achievements, however, with different names and icons between the two editions.

In the full achievement unlock guide below, we've noted these discrepancies, as the names will be different for you depending on where you are playing.

Achievement Requirement Gamerscore
 Double Fun  Overcome the fear of darkness  30
 Hmmm... Bacon  Overcome crowd phobia  30
Get 'Em George   Learn to stand up for yourself  30
Shoot 'Em Up   Get a birthday present  50
Like Father Like Son (secret achievement)  Defeat your past  70
 Let's Go Deeper (secret achievement)  Learn to look deeper  70
 Space Jam  Three points!  70
 Don't Bite Snow White  Tougher than the Snow White  200
 Watch Your Head  Sky is the limit!  70
 Meet Joe Black  Safe driving is no accident.  100
Neighbor MD   ICU there  40
 Wrong Place To Bury  I ain't 'fraid of no ghost  40
 Back To School  Can't wait for the prom  40
 Beeeep!  Express checkout  40
No Swimming  Should have brought a swimming suit  40
Change For Gas   I wish I had an electric car  40
 Freeze! The crime levels have never been lower  40


Double Fun Achievement

This one is called "No More Fears" on the Steam version. To unlock it you need to reach the first fear room in Act 3 either by climbing up to the roof through the attic (or using some boxes and the stopped trolley) and then gliding across to the secondary house by using an umbrella.

You will also need the red key to access the fear room inside the small secondary house. In the fear room, you will be shrunk down to tiny size and must use objects to reach the top of the shelf, like propelling yourself with the toaster or making your own ladder with darts.

The achievement unlocks when you jump across the room near the green arrow and use the pull string to reach the exit.

Hmmm... Bacon Achievement

This achievement is unlocked through the second fear room in Act 3 (found by flipping the switch in the room with the hole in the floor near the couch, where you also found the umbrella and dropped the red-hot crowbar).

During this fear room, grab the chips, orange juice, pink 2 liter soda, pickles, and pink round jar, and put them all in the basket. Push the basket to the checkout stand, where the marionette clerk will ring you up to unlock the achievement as you exit the fear room.

Get'em George Achievement

In Act 3, you need to get the green key by turning off the magnetic machine in the room above the main trolley track room. Use the green key to open the third fear room in the hallway near the ladder that leads up to the trolley room.

In this fear room, you have to wait in the lockers for the bell to ring to let you know when it's safe. Wait until there's just a single white mannequin with a flashlight searching to run from locker to locker before the bell rings again. The achievement unlocks when you open the final exit door and fight off the giant mannequin.

Shoot'em Up Achievement

In Act 3, you can find find four slices of cake and four mannequins by searching both your house and the upper floors of the neighbor's house.

If you arrange all four slices at the seats in the birthday room on the second floor, then set the four mannequins around the table as though they were eating, the ceiling will explode with fireworks and unlock the achievement.

         Arranging the mannequins around the table

Like Father Like Son Achievement 

For some reason this one is called "Is She OK" on Steam, and it takes place at the very end of Act 3.

When you enter the basement and see a strange segment where the younger boy is running around, be sure to stand in front of him whenever he stops to protect him from the shadow man. After the last segment when you protect the kid, the achievement will pop.

Let's Go Deeper Achievement 

This one is called "I Had No Choice" on Steam and again takes place in the basement segment of Act 3. Break the brick wall and run into the white door (the same one you get caught in at the end of Act 1). After the giant neighbor destroys the room, use a box to flip the switch up on the top of the wall behind you.

Run around behind the wall and jump up the flashlight to reach the toaster, which will propel you up to another platform, where you can manually flick a large switch. Quickly jump down on the wood platform, which will be rising up into a metal tube. Break through the window and flip yet another switch, then grab one of the umbrellas as you fall to the ground.

Climb up the metal platforms that lead towards the red house up in the air supported by yellow stilts. Partway up the platforms, press the red button on the console, then go back the way you came and return to the toaster, which will now slingshot you on top of the red house, where you can grab a candle.

Float back to the ground with the umbrella and use the candle to light the fireworks in front of the giant neighbor. Use the toaster yet again, but this time we're going the opposite direction, to where you should find a crossbow, which you can use to hit the giant neighbor and knock him down (if you haven't patched your game and are on a previous version, you need to use two baseballs instead).

To finish off the achievement, use the toaster to float onto the house that appears on the giant neighbor's back.

Space Jam Achievement

In act 3, grab a basketball (one is usually found in the kitchen on the floor) and throw it in the hoop on the left side of the neighbor's house.

Don't Bite Snow White Achievement

Grab the neighbor's record player and then use the trolley and pipes to reach the roof where all the bushes are growing. Turn on the record player, which makes the bushes expand and contract. When they contract, go behind the area where the gears are found to reach a secret ladder.

Climb up the ladder to the windmill, then leap across with an umbrella to a hidden platform with two chairs and a bear skin rug. Grab the seed on the chair. After getting the seed, grab a watering can and take it into your house, where you can fill the can using the kitchen sink.

Drop the seed in the dirt mound in the neighbor's front yard (it's in in the corner right next to the fence), and then use the full water can to water it. Now go play the game for about three hours until the seed blooms into a tree, which will drop an apple. Pick up the apple for the achievement.

Sadly, this one seems to still be bugged, as no one on Steam has actually unlocked it at this point.

Watch Your Head Achievement

This one is called "Top Of The World" on Steam and is unlocked by traveling to the secret windmill (see the above achievement for instructions on how to reach this area).

From the windmill platform, jump out onto a small pipe and climb up around the back side of the mill. Use some boxes to jump over the fence to reach the top of the windmill, which unlocks the achievement.

Meet Joe Black Achievement

During the third act, grab one of the mannequins in the neighbor's house and plop it on the road. Run up to the trolley tracks and watch the road until a car hits the mannequin to unlock the achievement.

Neighbor MD Achievement

This one seems to still be bugged -- if anyone has discovered how to unlock it, let us know and we'll get this updated!

Wrong Place To Bury Achievement

Xbox lists this one as "No Digging," and it seems like it should unlock when you dig up the grave in act 2 to grab the pink bow key, but it isn't unlocking for me. Anybody get this one to pop yet?

Back to School Achievement

This achievement doesn't seem to be working -- we'll update this guide once more info is available!

Beeep! Achievement

This achievement doesn't seem to be working -- we'll update this guide once more info is available!

No Swimming Achievement

This achievement seems like it should unlock if you jump in the water and face the robot shark in Act 1, but it isn't working at the moment.

Change For Gas Achievement

This achievement doesn't seem to be working -- we'll update this guide once more info is available!

Freeze! Achievement

Steam calls this "Don't Tell Anyone," and it seems like it should unlock when you freeze the water heater room in act 2, but again, it isn't working properly.


Those are all 17 Hello Neighbor achievements and everything we know about unlocking them so far! Have any other tips for getting these to pop? Let us know in the comments, and check out our full list of Hello Neighbor guides for completing the entire game.

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