New Starcraft Warrior hero headed for Heroes of the Storm

Legacy of the Void pre-orders now come with a yet-to-be-released Starcraft universe hero for Heroes of the Storm

Fans of Heroes of the Storm who are wondering what the next hero coming to Blizzard's MOBA after Leoric and the Monk won't have to look very far.

As of a few days ago Blizzard has updated the pre-order bonuses of their Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void expansion to include access to the next hero that will be entering the Nexus alongside other Blizzard stars. While this next hero has not been revealed, we can still speculate on who exactly this hero might be.

 Count on Blizzard to keep us in the dark about future releases...

Strangely, the hero coming to the Nexus has been labeled as a "warrior" while Heroes of the Storm refers to their playable characters as "heroes". While the "warrior" title is hardly worth speculating too far into - seeing as it could easily be a mislabel for characters in Heroes of the Storm - it certainly comes off as a tease for several reasons.

Who could it be?

Fenix was the first Protoss hero we met in the original Starcraft, and has been rumoured to appear in Legacy of the Void

Firstly, the "warrior" class is one of the four character classes in Heroes of the Storm. If we take the "warrior" status as literal on Legacy of the Void's pre-order page then we can assume that whatever character is released will be a tankier character. This leaves us with a number of potential - most of them being Protoss or "Hybrid" characters.

Heroes from Starcraft that come to mind include: Fenix, Amon, Protoss-Zerg Hybrids, or Artanis. "Warrior" further supports the possibility of the character being a Protoss since the Egyptian-themed aliens are typically referred to as "warriors" whenever attacked. The best example being the "Khala Warriors" or Zealots. This once again fortifies the possibility of the new hero being a Protoss warrior such as Fenix from the original Starcraft game, or maybe a newer Protoss hero who has not yet been revealed. Considering that the hero is related to the pre-order bonus for Legacy of the Void - a game in which the story focuses solely on the Protoss race - this might very well be true as Blizzard would not want to spoil the game's plot before the game has been released.

On the other hand, it could also be a previously known character who will have a major role in the third Starcraft II installment. Considering we have yet to receive a Starcraft villain in Heroes of the Storm I have a strong belief that the new hero may be the long alluded to fallen Xel'naga, Amon. While I'm not entirely sure what his powers will be, I think it's the only logical conclusion. Of course, Blizzard could always provide us with something completely unexpected. Personally, I would love to see my man Alexei Stukov (above) make an appearance in the Nexus alongside the Queen of Blades.

My question to GameSkinny readers is this: Who do you think this mysterious new character is, and what do you think their skills will be? Do you think that Blizzard will release a new Starcraft theme map alongside this hero and Legacy of the Void like they did with the Eternal Conflict update? Leave your ideas in the comments section below!

For more information on Legacy of the Void and its pre-order bonuses you can check out the store page here.

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Published Aug. 4th 2015
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I would LOVE to have Fenix as a Dragoon from the original Starcraft. I think the hero line-up is overdue for another non-humanoid entry.

    Or, although unlikely, I'd love to see an Abathur-esq dictator with a playable Arcturus Mengsk.
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    Fenix was honestly my favorite character from the original Starcraft (aside from the must-love Kerrigan and Jimmy). As a Dragoon it would be interesting to see Fenix blasting enemies with some good ol' photons. Speaking of which... I wonder if they'll add dragoons to the SCII:LotV single player campaign like they did old Terran and Zerg units.

    Arcturus would be interesting. Maybe they could make him a legendary skin for Abathur or something. I doubt they'd make him a new hero though, especially since his story arc is over.

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