Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced, Out This Fall

The Switch OLED model is bigger and has a few noteworthy improvements, but the insides are still the same.

The Nintendo Switch Pro announcement happened at last, except it didn't. Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) in a surprise Twitter post, outlining a number of upgraded features, though those upgrades don't extend to the handheld console's GPU and processor.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model release date is set for October 8, 2021 and the system will cost $349.99. It boasts a wider stand for use in tabletop mode, a 7-inch OLED screen, and improved audio, while the dock now includes a wired LAN port for more stable internet.

It will launch with the usual blue and red color scheme and a new option of all white, coinciding with Metroid Dread's release on the same day.

The Switch OLED battery life, CPU, and GPU are exactly the same, however.

Since 2020, industry analysts including The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki and Serkan Toto have said a new Switch hardware revision would include a marginally better processor and support for 4K graphics.

Whether that manifests at some point in 2022 alongside new releases such as Breath of the Wild 2 and Pokemon Legends Arceus remains to be seen.


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Platforms Nintendo Switch
Published Jul. 6th 2021

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