Using GTA's Tank As A Baseball Bat Is As Hilarious As You Would Expect

When you've got a tank at your disposal, the possibilities for destruction are endless.

Grand Theft Auto: Online's sandbox is a source of constant enjoyment for all of its players. The freedom to do absolutely whatever you please keeps every one coming back to wreck things, wreak havoc on an unsuspecting NPC populace, and try the zaniest, wildest, most ridiculous stuff the imagination can concoct. 

YouTuber AwesomeAlvin compiled the best footage of his GTA:O character rampaging through the streets of Los Santos in a tank, but with one minor twist: the tank's turret isn't being used for the explosive shells it can fire, but rather as an over-the-top baseball bat. The end result is absolutely hysterical.


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Published May. 16th 2016

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