Ignore the Xbox or PlayStation Fanboys and Enjoy Your Console of Choice

Don't let people tell you that you bought the wrong console. Buy your next-gen console of choice and enjoy it. There are plenty of reasons why either system will be an amazing experience.

I seriously can't stand fanboys. Trying have an intelligent conversation with someone who refuses to see the positives of a console other than their favorite is more difficult than trying to reason with my five-year-old.

Trying to get them to see that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are absolutely compelling next-gen systems is like trying to convince them that Mountain Lightning is just as good as Mountain Dew - it's pointless. But people who can't see the reasons why both consoles are good are really missing out on some great gaming opportunities, and they're basically missing the whole point of what being a gamer is all about.


That one little word, "exclusives", is enough to send a fanboy in a terrifying rage. Whether he's addicted to Halo or Killzone, the fanboy simply cannot see how anyone could possibly not like their favorite game.

Similarly, they cannot understand why anyone would ever want to play a similar game exclusive to the other console. "Halo/Killzone is the best first-person shooter ever!" Well maybe it is, but if you're not willing to even consider trying another console's games, how will you ever know if your favorite game truly is the better choice?


If you've never put your hands on another console's controller, you may not even know what you're missing. Especially in this next generation, Sony has finally made massive improvements to its controller, and it is now a legitimate competitor to the Xbox controller. While the Xbox One controller is great, Microsoft can no longer say they definitively have the best controller. So if you grew up on PlayStation or Xbox, and have been so diehard about your system that you've never tried a game with the competitor's controller, you're really missing out. Both new controllers offer improvements, comfort, and a heck of a lot of fun. You owe it to yourself to try them before writing them off completely.


Microsoft is definitely pushing the boundaries this generation by attempting to make their console the only device you need in the living room. Whether it's watching live TV, streaming Netflix, or playing games, they are going for broke in hopes that you never feel the need to bring any other devices in the room.

Sony, on the other hand, has gone all-in with gamers this time around, throwing everything they had at improving the gameplay experience. The multimedia capabilities are all still there, and Sony loves to remind us that they are the most-used device for streaming Netflix, and it really is that great. But when it comes to this category, Microsoft really takes the cake. 

That said, that doesn't necessarily mean they're better. Sony offers a hardcore, games-first experience, and if you think you'd like this approach, you need to try the PS4. If you're more interested in having one device provide every entertainment option your family will ever need, try the Xbox One. Either way, you're going to get a great multimedia experience, it's just a matter of what is more important to you: hardcore gaming experience or all-around quality.

Just Have Fun

Whatever your preferences are in this new generation of gaming, you really can't lose. If you get a PS4 you'll have a growing library of incredibly high-quality third party, first party, and indie titles. If you get an Xbox One you'll have a growing library of incredibly high-quality third party, first party, and indie titles. Both systems will look great, play smooth, and last you a long time. So don't get sucked into the console wars that fanboys love to start. Pick your system (or pick both), and just enjoy everything the next generation of gaming has to offer.

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Published Nov. 22nd 2013
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