Titanfall Beta Comes to an End: What You Can Expect When It Launches

Titanfall's beta ends causing the long wait for March 11th to begin!

Earlier this year, after the Titanfall alpha testing many players, worried about how much time Respawn were giving to testing, were hoping that the launch of this anticipated title would go smoothly. Only a couple short weeks after alpha testing the game opened for the beta. 

As many of you know, to get into the beta people needed codes to play their copy on their Xbox One or PC. After the mad dash for codes to play, some even selling on eBay for hundreds of dollars, the reviews started coming in--some positive and some negative

The Beta Comes to an End

After a thrilling couple of days, the next-gen test had come to an end. 

On the official Titanfall Twitter account, they tweeted out a nice sentiment about all those who played the game and offered feedback. 

That's right, the long wait until March 11th has begun. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but after playing for a good three days, a month seems like it will take forever. 

What's Next for Titanfall

The beta ran at 792p and was absolutely fine for all the action that goes on in battle. I experienced no problems with that resolution even though a lot of people expect a next-gen shooter to run 1080p, which is reasonable. 

The team at Respawn is working on upping it up to 900p by final release. This would make the Titans, Pilots, and maps look even better than they already did! 

Also as the release date nears, as mentioned by the tweet above, the team will work on fixing small and big issues alike for even smoother gameplay. I, for one, did not find too many mistakes that they need to fix and overall I think Titanfall is a very well-developed game! 

The final version supposedly will include monsters, more Titan classes, up to 15 maps, and six new game modes! Titanfall launches March 11th. What are you hoping for in the final version?

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Published Feb. 19th 2014
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    What am I hoping? They add more. Obviously this was a beta, so expecting the whole game would be dumb, but I mean more things, like they have already said, multiple Titans, but also different enemies, maybe a co-op type thing with story, like Halo 4s Spartan Ops. Maybe add in random events in each map, that may or may not happen.
    Oh and last thing, when I say add, I mean hopefully already added, and just polish.
    But the Beta kicked ass! Loved it. Hope the full game will not become a bore. But well done to the guys at respawn, they made something familiar, but fresh, combining lots of good ideas, which are not new, but mashing em into one mixing pot of epic. I wasn't actually looking forward that much to Titanfall, until I played the Beta.
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    Same here! I was actually a bit skeptical of the hype surrounding this game, but after playing the beta I'm really looking forward to see the final product. Like you said, it feels fresh when all these elements are combined!

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