Luigi's Mansion 3 Update 1.14 Delivers Second DLC Pack

Luigi's Mansion 3's new update introduces the last round of DLC and some fun new costumes.

Luigi's Mansion 3 update 1.14 went live today, bringing with it the second round of Luigi's Mansion 3 DLC. It includes new mini-games for the Scream Park, new costumes, and more ScareScraper content following the first batch of Luigi's Mansion 3 DLC a few months ago.

The ScareScraper, one of the ghost-busting plumber's multiplayer modes, is getting five new, rare ghosts. It's also getting three new costumes, one of which is the adorable Cap'n Weegee pictured above. There's three new floor themes too, and if you wear one of the new costumes, six different ghosts themed around those costumes may just show up.

ScreamPark is getting three new games, though the patch notes don't describe what those are. And finally, you can browse through Luigi's Mansion 3 development art in a new Art Viewer mode accessible from the main menu.

The Luigi's Mansion 3 update corrects a few bugs in the story too, including a rather big one where the game just stopped during the final boss battle.The update fixes a number of issues in ScareScraper too, including instances where everything would stop if you moved between rooms with a Toad in tow.

The full patch notes are on Nintendo's support site.

Even without the DLC, Luigi's Mansion 3 offered some of the most — and wackiest — fun of 2019. It seems like support for it is finally coming to an end, and we know we won't get any Luigi's Mansion 3 single-player DLC. But stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Luigi's Mansion news as it manifests.


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Published Apr. 30th 2020

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